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    Bisdak Caravan

    On July 30-­31 and August 6-­7 SunStar news / Bisdak magazine along with IPI, SunPride Foods Incorporated, Beautiful Horizons Incorporated…

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    Jul 06

    IPI's Touch of Kindness

    International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI) has always been active when it comes to sports related events and all sorts of service…


I have been using another brand of soap for years and I noticed that it would dry up the skin around my fingertips.  So I decided to try out Bioderm (Timeless scent), and the dryness went away. I find that Bioderm is more gentle on my skin.  I have been using it eversince.

Lisa Valdez, Operations Associate

Omega Pain Killer
I really dont know why this is so powerful but it always works excellent for back pain, joint pains for my parents and my wife... I highly recommend it.

John G. Riffe, Engineer

Efficascent Oil has a strong mint smell (which I am fine with) but goes away in a short period of time. I've used this for back aches, pulled muscles, stomach aches, cramps, and even chest/nasal congestion. My friend brought this back from the Philippines for me and I will not live without this. She said that everyone uses it there...just rub it on. I talked to my Doctor about it and she said that it's safe..natural..and people have been using it for many many years.

Grace Domingo, Developer