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Founded in May 1959 in Cebu, Philippines, International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI) began with the Wong brothers and their first product, Efficascent Oil. Armed only with persistence, salesmanship and resilience in door-to-door marketing, IPI has grown steadily and is now among the biggest Filipino-owned pharmaceutical companies in the country. Since then, the company has expanded to a network of branches located in key cities all over the country, allowing easier distribution and availability of its products for their loyal consumers.

Today, having expanded to accommodate the diverse needs of the people, IPI is already a leading manufacturing and distributor of LINIMENTS, CONSUMER HEALTH PRODUCTS, HOME CARE, FOOD and FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and DEVICES, VETERINARY PRODUCTS and PESTICIDES.

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    Efficascent Oil Float 2016

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Corporate AVP


I have been using another brand of soap for years and I noticed that it would dry up the skin around my fingertips.  So I decided to try out Bioderm (Timeless scent), and the dryness went away. I find that Bioderm is more gentle on my skin.  I have been using it eversince.

Lisa Valdez, Operations Associate

Omega Pain Killer
I really dont know why this is so powerful but it always works excellent for back pain, joint pains for my parents and my wife... I highly recommend it.

John G. Riffe, Engineer

Efficascent Oil has a strong mint smell (which I am fine with) but goes away in a short period of time. I've used this for back aches, pulled muscles, stomach aches, cramps, and even chest/nasal congestion. My friend brought this back from the Philippines for me and I will not live without this. She said that everyone uses it there...just rub it on. I talked to my Doctor about it and she said that it's safe..natural..and people have been using it for many many years.

Grace Domingo, Developer