Product description

  • Powerful antiseptic and healing properties, reduce infection in ambilical cord, tail docking, castration, bed sores, and dermatitis, rapidly heals wounds.
  • Dries piglets without forming crusts, does not decrease body temp
  • Strenghthens vitality of weak pigs
  • Allow greater ingestion of colostrum
  • Safe for the skin of operators and piglets
  • Less stress at weaning since piglets are accustomed to the smell of wonderpig which is associated to the mother
  • Fosters better growth performance in weaned pigs
  • Ammonia control, less oder
  • Eliminates moisture, reduces microbial proliferation in maternity, and reduces metritis, foot problems, and bed sores
  • Fly repellent

Product description

  • pH reduction: improves digestion and lowers FCR
  • Synergistic blend: broad antibacterial spectrum
  • Buffered acids: antibacterial for the intestines

Available in:

15 g tube and 30 g tube

Product description

  • Sow milk replacer supplemented with a balanced blend of easily digestible fats and oils
  • Suitable for small and weak piglets from day 1 (12 hours after birth)
  • Stimulates feed intake
  • Smoothens transition to solid feed
  • Dissolves easily and steadily for 24 hours


– used as an antiseptic agent
– functions as an anti-fungal
– prevents outbreak of severe skin diseases
– treats skin conditions like scabies, ringworm, acne, etc