HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants/Resorts, Casino)

Ever wondered what items you’ve been using in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and casinos?

The soaps available for your consumption are usually ordered from us. Every decent accommodation is delivered through a satisfactory provision of basic necessities to the consumers and every establishment prides itself of being able to give their customers the kind of welcome fit for a valuable guest.

At IPI, we make sure that what we provide our customers are of best quality. So beginning from conceptualization down to production and distribution, we make sure that there is no room for failure. And that is because we have an evaluation system that does not give room for any disappointment.

So if you choose to trust anyone, you could be sure that you can trust us since our passion is rooted on the wellness of our customers. And for almost 60 years, we have proven what we bring to the society. For such reason, we have been the top of mind supplier of every hotel and business establishment.

That isn’t much of a question though and you can see it because everything we do sum up to one thing. It has always been that way for the whole period of our existence and we plan to continue on making it happen when we say we are serious about making “Your Wellness. Our Passion.”

About Us

International Pharmaceuticals Inc. is one of the largest well established pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of innovative high quality products in Philippines.


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