How to Make Kids Love the Dishwashing Chore

There is a very common reaction among kids when meals are done and it is the big “No-no” when it comes to washing the dishes.

Well everyone can pretty much relate to this since among all the household chores, washing the dishes seems to be the most hated. And so I searched for ways to get the kids to do and accept this difficult task, and these are what I learned.

1. Children are happy go lucky and tend to avoid chores in order to play.
– So unless you make dishwashing sound good or fun for them, you wouldn’t get a yes for an answer when you ask them to do it. Notice that washing the dishes is a bit demanding due to the number of items dunked into the sink. Plus, since it has a procedure, it really looks like a serious work.

2. When the food is oily, smelly, and sticky, it is very hard to remove.
– Not to mention, when the food dries on the dishes and both the grease and smell of the viand stick too hard, scrubbing them will spend too much effort and drain your energy which is one of the best reasons why children hate to do the washing.

3. Children are idealistic and want to do things they think is nice.
– Among the dishwashing tools, one of the items which children are attracted to is the sponge. Little ones most especially are amazed to see how this little thing can actually wipe the dishes clean. And they love it when they squeeze and it produces bubbles that smell fantastic.

4. They love it when they see all the tools they need.
– Children are naturally curious and want to try what adults do if they see it attractive. Washing the dishes with all the tools needed such as an apron, a dishwashing cream, a sponge, basins, a proper sink, towels, and a proper kitchenware keeper would make them happy to play the role.

5. Having a nice and effective dishwashing soap prompts a sense of excitement.
– I remember when I was a child, my siblings and I constantly fight over our dishwashing assignments. But every time my mother announces that she bought Winner dishwashing cream, all of us would jump about and volunteer for the task, rushing to the sink in no time to get the chore done.

I remember clearly our individual reasons for wanting to wash the dishes. My brother especially liked the foamy feeling of the soap together with its soft sponge, while my sister specially requests for the lemon fragrance. I on the other hand, liked everything about Winner Dishwashing Cream. As to why, let me enumerate them.

  1. 1. It makes dishwashing an easy and enjoyable chore.
  2. 2. I like its nice bubbly feel and smooth texture on the skin.
  3. 3. I like the scent of all of its three variants.
  4. 4. I like the fact that it has a sponge that lasts.
  5. 5. It does not leave any trace of the soap on the dishes.
  6. 6. It leaves a lovely scent and a clean finish.

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