Sore Muscles? Discover Relief in 10 Ways!

As people age, they begin to complain more about pains in their muscles and joints.  They seem to stiffen with age, and commonplace activities such as bending over for the morning paper can make them wince. This situation cannot be avoided due to physiological changes in the body while aging. But there are always things that can be done in order to comfort yourself or make the pain short-lived. The following hacks are your best aid when suffering from sore muscles.


  1. Exercise
    • Exercise offers a lot of benefits to your health. It rids you of toxins, stress, free radicals, and things that may harm your body. It also stirs your positive response, increase your relaxation and do a lot more than you know such as benefiting your muscular health.
  2. Hydrate
    • People often forget that water is the elixir of life, and thus, easily take it for granted. But you have to be aware that a lot of negative consequences in health can actually be avoided through water therapy, and that includes soreness in the muscles.
  3. Work out with correct form
    • Most people suffer from muscular atrophy due to incorrect posture and form. If this is your case, working out with the help of a professional PT (physical therapist) can greatly help alleviate the ache you are experiencing, and possibly even correct your posture in the long run.
  4. Coconut Oil
    • Those who knew the benefit of coconut oil are the ones who know how helpful it is when having muscle discomfort. Some liniments even have this as part of their ingredient due to its ability to penetrate deep inside the muscles.
  5. Essential Oils
    • These powerful plant juices are a champion in many cases. This is because they have the ability to calm stressed nerves and make relaxation happen almost instantly. So be it headache, muscle pain, itch, etc., many people find essential oils very helpful.
  6. Rest
    • This is perhaps the most common advice you’d hear from a friend or a colleague when you suffer the consequence of fatigue and that is literally because stressed muscles need rest in order to cool down and relax.
  7. Stretch out your body / Movement
    • Overdone physical activity is not the only thing that causes soreness, prolonged hours of idle activity is also another factor. This explains why you experience stiff neck, sprain, etc. if you are working in an office setting. So make a little movement or stretching from time to time in order to activate blood circulation
  8. Eat healthy food
    • Eating food rich in protein and other vitamins that promote muscle repair and health can make sure you don’t go through unsolicited discomfort. After all, your internal health determines whether you get to suffer or not.
  9. Hot or Cold compress
    • Perhaps the first aid when it comes to treating soreness in the muscles is heat or cold. Depending on what part or what kind of ache is acting up on the affected area, choosing the correct application from any of these two can help relieve the pain.
  10. Massage
    • Getting a massage is a great relaxation when your whole body is tired and fatigued. At times like this, the massage of a skilled masseur is like a doctor to your tired muscles especially when he uses comforting, soothing, liniments like Efficascent Oil — the trusted brand of every Filipino household when it comes to pain relief.

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