Top 10 Deadliest Animals in the World

In the latest study, statistics identified the ten animals that cause the most deaths in humans and these 10 labeled most dangerous animals are the following:

10. Sharks
Sharks are considered the most aggressive creature at sea due to its retractable jaw, huge teeth, and speed. Its listed death toll is 10 – 25 people per year.

9. Jellyfish
These creatures look harmless, but they can actually kill using their venomous tentacles. Because of this, they are called silent killers. Listed deaths caused by them are around 100 people a year.

8. Cape Buffalo
In the Philippines, we call this the Tamaraw. Due to their strong, heavy horns and aggressiveness, they are capable of killing humans which makes for a death toll of about 200 people a year.

7. Lions
Lions are famous and everybody knows how dangerous it is to encounter a hungry and provoked one. Together with tigers and other species in this genus, they cause death for more than 200 people a year.

6. Hippos
Hippopotamus are not very familiar in the Philippines, but they are known to have huge jaws and a body weight of about 4.5 tons. With such features, they are capable of killing more than 300 people a year.

5. Elephants
Elephants are animals with enormous size and weight. This is their ultimate weapon for defense and because of it, they are capable of causing more than 500 deaths a year.

4. Crocodiles
Crocodiles are sly and very clever. They are creatures who trick people in order to harm them with their enormous set of teeth. They are able to cause more than 2, 000 deaths in a year.

3. Scorpions
These little creatures are not found in the Philippines. But all over the world, they rank third in the most dangerous species due to their poisonous sting in the tail. With it, they are able to kill more than 5, 000 people each year.

2. Snakes
Yes, these creepy creatures are almost everyone’s nightmare. Seeing one can give you goosebumps over and over again and it is precisely because they can kill you without any further ado. Most snakes use their poisonous fangs to attack, but there are some that use their crashing muscles to smash their prey before swallowing them whole. Their average yearly death toll is more than 5, 000 people.

1. Mosquitoes
You would not think these little insects are the worst beasts, would you? But then just because they do not look capable enough like the nine other animals in the top nine spots does not mean they are weak. What’s their secret?

Their advantage point is their size. Since they are small, they can easily move around without being noticed. And just like ants, they work as a team too. This is what causes an epidemic such as dengue, zika, and many others. So in order to protect ourselves and the ones we love, we have to observe precautionary measures such as the following:

  1. 1. Clean your surroundings.
  2. 2. Turn over stagnant water and put antimos in watery spots.
  3. 3. Spray insect repellents in potential mosquito hideouts
  4. 4. Wear long bright clothing
  5. 5. Apply Zip Insect Repellent Lotion to ward off attacking mosquitoes

These steps can greatly help you prevent a loved one from lying in a hospital bed in pain and you being helpless about whether or not he or she will make it because the truth about dengue is that it can affect all ages from young to old. So be wary and prevent the disease from reaching your door. Most importantly, at times like this, feel secured with the protective power of Zip insect repellent lotion.

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