Women Need More Sleep than Men According to Science

A friend of mine has been ranting for the whole week about what happened on the evening of the previous Sunday. I was practically wondering how on earth she can continue living the period of seven days like that. Then I came across an email in my inbox with the subject, “Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Their Brains Work Harder, According to Science”.

One of the major reasons why men and women are on opposite poles is because their brains are wired differently. Women are used to multi-task which expose their brains to different things with varying intensity at the same time. This stresses them out more than men who usually do one thing at a time and indulge more on physical activity. But even in men whose jobs dwell on creative arts, analysis, and decision-making, it has been found out that they still can’t be compared to an average woman.

Then I thought of my friend who has been ranting for the whole week about a single experience, and it hit me! Women are over thinkers. So other than multi-tasking, they use up so much energy thinking, thinking, and thinking, and because of this, women need more sleep than men do. It is recommended that they gain at least 8 or 7 hours of sleep at night in order for their brains to fully recover.

However, the problem lies in how to get a quality one when the whole day wasn’t enough for them to think of stressful things that they even bring it to bed at night.

Here are five effective hacks to help you get a good night’s rest.

1. Avoid foods that can stimulate.
–  If you’re thinking about coffee, you’re right! Foods that are rich in caffeine should be avoided during bed time if you want to achieve your rest goals.

2. Avoid a heavy meal during dinner.
– Taking little to no food for dinner is the most ideal because it aids to your body’s prompting for relaxation.

3. Set the Mood for bedtime.
– Turn the lights off or turn them dim in order to condition your mind that it is already the end of the day.

4. Take away sleep stealers.
– One of the greatest devices that can take sleep away is of course your cellphone because it gives you cause to care for more things.

5. Benefit from essential oil essences.
– Roll on Efficascent Relaxing Oil on your temple and then inhale its scent. Then slowly close your eyes while breathing deeply. Feel the cooling and soothing relaxation that it offers, and slowly to resign to sleep.

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