Laboratory Equipment & Reagents

Staying well is checking your state of health through regular check-ups and lab tests.

With this in mind, we made sure to include helpful machines and reagents in our line of products so you can have everything you need from the right food to the right lab equipment. But we don’t wish to stop there. So we continue to provide you with useful information about the industry with our regular newsletter issues below.


Another Huge Revelation other than Birth Defects in Babies

  Researchers at the CDC are working with a fertility clinic in Puerto Rico which has been hard-hit by Zika in order to determine if men infected by the virus have lower sperm counts or sperms that don’t work in the weeks and months after the infection. The study got underway just last month and […]


FUS-2000: The New Digital Urine Analyzer. What’s it Got?

FUS-2000: The New Digital Urine Analyzer. What’s it Got?   Automated Urinalysis became more essential in the laboratory for reducing human errors and turnaround time. The FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybrid (Dirui Industrial Co. LTD) is the new urine analyzer that has been introduced recently. This analyzer uses digital image-based automatic particle recognition system. The FUS-2000 uses […]


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