Ladies and gentlemen, right before your eyes is a masterpiece, Efficascent Oil from International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated in honor of Sr. Sto Nino, the child Jesus.

The marine environment has long been one of the most attractive settings for tourism and Cebu is a perfect maritime city gifted with a truly unique marine ecosystem.Cebuanos are ever blessed and thankful with great pride to the Child Jesus, not to mention the protection from whatever challenge that has come our ways. Through the years, with its strong devotion and tight commitment, International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated gives back all the glory and praise to Sr. Sto Nino for His helpful hands and never-ending love for the people.

The maker joins the Cebuanos to mark another historical celebration through this work of art made out of love and gratitude to keep the tradition alive while to showcase the beauty and wonders of Cebu Island.

This is created with high hopes to remind our responsibility on God's creations.Let's nurture, preserve and promote our very own.Let us protect its integrity and value its population for the next generation.

One Beat.One Dance.One Vision.

Pit Señor!

Viva Senyor Sto. Niño!