Omega Gym is proud to present another pride of its nurturing which bore fruit in the person of Jhack Tepora. This young boxing personality sure is up to making history as he takes flight to starhood.

Omega Gym’s Jhack ‘The Golden Boy’ Tepora has always had the spirit ever since he took the boxing floor with a series of undefeated streaks. It is seen even in his performances early on since the title WBO Asia-Pacific Youth “SuperBantamweight” is not a walk in the park, yet he managed to take a step further than that into becoming the next-generation star among Filipino boxers.

In his latest fight with Capangpangan, he showcased another powerful claim to the honorific achievement as he furnished his performance with a resounding awe from the crowd. Everything showed in his performance. It is needless to say “he sure is an air-head” since his raging confidence is what every viewer can see in each of his sure strikes and powerful blows. You’ve got to say, “That’s the spirit!”

Jhack Tepora with Pio Paulo Castilo and Chad Cañarez

We all know how great people reached the heights of their successes. They all went through the same thing. Practice, discipline, and hardwork are their way of life. But there is one more thing they all virtuously possess. It is the strength of will and character forming into what you call an undefeated dream which unfolds in time.

The VP of OPSI Chad E. Canares was overwhelmed, but expressed that the road is still long and that they will subject Tepora to further assessments so he could land into the larger arena fully prepared and developed.

Meanwhile, other Omega boxing leads take on their spotlights in their individual events. Some of them namely Kenny Demecillo, who managed to retain his bantamweight title; Mark Anthony Barriga, who claimed another inspiring victory; and Christian Araneta, who flagged his rank as an advancing KO artist --- all of who are on a road to positive development and promising future ahead of them.