The most anticipated event of the year is the culmination of “Ironman” last August 7, 2016, Sunday. This action-filled event brought sports enthusiasts to the spotlight as they flaunted their skills in the arena.


Our very own Omega Pro Tri Team, lead by Paul Jake gained the audience’s attention as always, living up to their reputation as the crowd’s favorite.


To bring home the bacon is the fuel of their hard work; but what amplified their confidence is the formation of an indispensable team of talents by combining both squad veterans and newbies sponsored by several private entities such as that of Riders. This is how they solidified their plan to become number one in this year’s competition, racing towards being a top commercial sports team. And indeed, the long haul paid off with the following members securing places in the top ranks:


Filipino Elite Category:

1. Paul Jumamil - 2nd Place Overall

2. Banjo Norte - 4th Place Overall

3. Kristiane Lim - 10th Place Overall

4. Welmar Saavedra - 11th Place Overall


Congratulations Rider Omega Pro Tri Team for towering over your competition through these achievements! You very well deserve the honor of victory.