Cebu never ends its spectacles as it again hosted another flabbergasting international competition after the hot Asia-Pacific Sports Championship “Ironman” last August 11, because just last September 10, it was again the “World Open DanceSport Championship 2016 and the 9th DanceSport sa Sugbu”.

Dancing to the tune of the adrenaline-rushing melodies and beatings, four IPI employees starred the dance floor on the special category: corporate event “Latin” in the Open DanceSport as they flaunted their graceful moves in the air, without conceding an inch to their competitors. They have been as passionate as all the other participants were which gave the competition a true taste of art and a dumbfounding spirit which left open the mouths of the enthralled audience in the venue. Amidst the stiff rivalry of the top talents competing in the said category, the four IPI employees namely Juniel Bravo Ramos, Troy Rizon, Marianne Pilapil Amon, and Jeza Zamora Gonzalez bagged the honorific 2nd and 3rd awards.

There were at least nine countries who joined the World Open DanceSport competition. Other than the Philippines, the countries who partook of the contest are Italy, Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, and Japan. In the Philippines alone, participants came from all over Luzon to Mindanao which made for the roster containing more than 500 participants who danced to compete in the 19 different categories.

As the contenders were no ordinary dancers, it sure took a long fight against nervousness, competitiveness, and self-confidence boosting, but thanks to all the practice, support, and hope, IPI employees managed to bring home the bacon. Congratulations to Mr. Ramos, Mr. Rizon, Ms. Amon and Ms. Zamora! You made us, your IPI family very proud.