Last Sept. 30, 2016, Friday, in Balamban Sports Complex, people gathered to witness an esteemed rematch between Canoy and Purisima. In this fight, Canoy went to collect his win with a straight thud of punches landing to Purisima, ultimately knocking him down in just five rounds. The fight ended with a TKO declaration and Canoy gaining the Philippine Boxing Generation’s Bantamweight Championship title which lightened up all his supporters inside the Balamban Sports Complex.

Fighting in the comfort of his hometown, the Omega Gym boxer held no inhibitions since his hometown folks were also very reassuring. Thus, after only one round of studying how Purisima plays, he was able to dominate the game in the next rounds. Purisima on the other hand, was seen blocking the consecutive attacks with crossed arms for almost the entire time although he also managed to land attacks on Canoy, but with great difficulty. However, due to the aggressive punches, the well-determined Omega Gym boxer gave, Purisima tired out fast and eventually gave in after the bell signaling the end of the fifth round sounded.

On the other hand, the supporting events also gave out commendable highlights from Omega Gym talents. One with Salatiel Amit, ruling the boxing floor with a win; another with Rimon Rima knocking Jomar Diana, Ponciano Rimandiman sending down Lenmar Priscillas two times, Ar-Ar Borbon winning over Roman Getalada, and Oliver Genecera knocking down Wilber Rota. While in some special exhibitions Jhack Tepora and Kenny Demecillo only gave a little performance since the two of them will be fighting in the next edition of “Who’s Next?” boxing series.