IPI Basketball and Badminton Tournament 2016

Playing to this year’s theme: Fun, Fitness and Friendship, IPI employees rendered a heated game during the basketball championship last October 12 and 14, 2016. The gym was packed with anticipation from every participant who played to win the championship title by nothing halves and sure enough, there was a very thrilling and worthy fight.

The basketball tournament was divided into two categories: the 40 years old above and the 40 years old below. This is a division by age to ensure fair play.

The championship for the 40 above category happened on October 12, Wednesday, and the teams who competed for the win were the following:

40 Above Category Placements

- 1st place – Bioderm
- 2nd place – Mama’s Love
- 3rd place – Omega
- 4th place – Apple Tonic

We would like to congratulate our senior workers for playing to their best and earning for themselves fun, fitness, and a stronger bond of friendship. Cheers for team Bioderm for being the champion!

On the other hand, the game last Friday was for the 40 below category. It was a hotly-contested one filled with vigor and excitement from both the participants and the amused audience of barangay Kasambagan. The placements of the winners are as follows:

40 Below Category Placements
- 1st place – Winner
- 2nd place – Bioderm
- 3rd place – Casino
- 4th place – Mama’s Love

We are happy to see that everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and amusement brought by the competition to the teams above. Most especially, congratulations to team Winner for bringing home the bacon!

Still, there were individuals worth acknowledging for delivering a WOW-performance as they flaunted NBA moves on the basketball court, gaining themselves the title of Most Valuable Player and the honor of being acknowledged as the Mythical Five. These individuals are:

40    Above Category Awardees
Most Valuable Player: Mr. Demetrio Comiso

Mythical Five
- Best Center: Demetrio Comiso
- Best Point Guard: Alberto Garcia
- Best Shooting Guard: Edgar Dadula
- Best Small Forward: Henry Rivas
- Best Power Forward: Glenn de Gracia

40    Below Category Awardees
Most Valuable Player: Mr. Pio Paulo Castillo

Mythical Five
- Best Center: Pio Paulo Castillo
- Best Point Guard: William Wong
- Best Shooting Guard: Jake Miñoza
- Best Small Forward: Luis Endangan
- Best Power Forward: Warren Duterte

Another highlight of this year’s tournament was badminton. The entry of this game was to accommodate those who are interested in the sport particularly women. Their game concluded a little earlier than the basketball tournament, but it cannot be denied that their culmination was as huge a success as basketball. Here is the list of winners for badminton:

Men’s category
- 1st place: Marjon Castil and Zandro Cortez
- 2nd place: Ferdinand Taborada and Renero Cabales
- 3rd place: Yatsidkever Pareja and Rocky Rhet Formentera

Mix Doubles category
- 1st place – Renero Caballes and Minda Jumarito
- 2nd place – Janice Cabinatan and Zandro Cortez
- 3rd place – Iris Caminos and Yatsidkever Pareja

With the conclusion of this tournament, we hope to have given our employees the spirit of fun, fitness and friendship which is what we want our employees to gain.  Again, Kudos to everyone!