Cheers to our very own Omega Pro Tri Team for a blowing breakthrough in the Tri Series competition last October 23, 2016! Hooray! We knew you could do it!

Last Sunday’s competition results really gave everyone a stunning surprise! As the saying goes, “A shrewd hawk hides its talons.” We never know how things progress, but there are circumstances that push people to become better and they go without revealing their depth to anyone especially to those in concern until the time is ripe. This is how Omega Pro Tri Team slashed through the tight rivalry of the race as they confidently went for the win!

Judging from the beginning of the competition, contenders seem to be unaware of the challenge they are up to since everyone gave off a positive vibes amidst the tension caused by previous impressions. However, those assumptions suddenly turned shaky in the middle up until the climax drew the gravity. And that was because Omega Pro Tri team revealed their talons in the third and last leg which covered a 70.3 kilometer distance, ultimately positioning themselves into a winning angle. 

Placing the icing on the team’s victory cake were Paul Jumamil, who claimed the trophy in the 18-24 men’s category; Kristianne Lim, who topped his class in the 30-34 men’s category; Cianyl Jamae Gonzalez, who took the crown in the 18-24 women’s category; Maria Hodges, who dominated the 30-34 women’s category; and Paul Jake Castillo, who reigned over the Tri King distance.

Here's the individual results:

AG 18-24 female:
1. Cianyl Gonzalez - champion

AG 25-29 female:
1. Feelin Torres - 3rd place

AG 30-34 female:
1. Maria Hodges - champion

AG 40-44 female
1. June Marq Ocana - 4th place

AG 45 above female
1. Lorna Amor - 3rd place

AG 18-24 Male:
1. Paul Jumamil - champion
2. Banjo Norte - 2nd place

AG 25-29
1. Johnny Ferniz - 3rd place

AG 30-34
1. Kristiane Lim - champion

AG 35-39
1. Edwin Yu - 3rd place

AG 45 above
1. Alton Amor - 4th place

Indeed, the long haul paid off. Finally, all the sacrifices done, every sweat that came with the harsh training, and all the time spent for the workouts revealed their worth. If there is anything to learn about this event, it is that “effort defeats genius” since Omega Pro Tri Team seized the pedestal from the front runners through their hard work. But other than that, what gave the slightest difference in the rivalry was the intensity in the fire of determination among the participants. It goes without saying that Omega Pro Tri Team burned the brightest. That element made it a tough fight that’s worth competing and watching. But most of all, it was inspiring! For the viewers and those who are veterans in the field, surely it was something unforgettable.

We are very proud of you guys! This milestone proves just how much you deserve a reward for everything you’ve done, and we couldn’t help but shout, “You were amazing!”