Last Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, at 4:50 p.m., International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. conducted a fire drill in observance of the precautionary and safety measures set by the Department of Labor and Employment and the Bureau of Fire Protection. Considering the company’s line of work, the drill was intended to make employees aware of precaution during fire accidents. 

The drill was handled by Mr. Roel Roque Osorio from IPI’s Engineering department together with IPI’s team of safety officers headed by Mr. Jun Lino Jadraque. It was a well-prepared one given the four-day orientation and pre-practice sessions and briefings done by two safety consultants from Infinity Consultation Agency namely Engr. Rex Alfafara and Engr. Deogracias Siason. The orientation focused on the following:

1. Why drills are important
2. What to do during fire alerts
3. What not to do during fire alerts
4. The proper evacuation procedure
5. Assigned exits for every department
6. Role orientation

Details were thoroughly discussed and demonstrations were given. So at exactly 4:50 p.m, emloyees were seen getting out of the building in a calm and unhurried pace while proceeding to the safety zone. After everyone was out of the building, the exit monitors checked the attendance of all the people assigned to them and reported the details to the drill coordinator.

To evaluate the activity, Mr. Roel Roque Osorio called the observers. There are about 10 people who gave comments and voiced out their observation. Some of them are department heads and supervisors. Among the comments were areas to improve on and a goal to achieve which is to reach a target time of two minutes or below.

SF03 Daniel Retalado, Jr. from the Bureau of Fire protection announced that the overall performance was good, but he stressed the importance of achieving a shorter target time if possible. He also reiterated the importance of observing the drill SOPs for a safer and more successful evacuation. He concluded the drill with a passing mark and congratulated everyone for a job well done.