Last December 2, 2016, Friday, 6:00 p.m. at the Mandaue City Sports Complex, Omega Pro Sports International hosted the third boxing series of “Who’s Next? ”.

The long wait is now over. Fans and supporters gathered and finally witnessed their long-awaited brawl; that is --- a clash between  two esteemed fighters delivering art in its truest sense of the word. And true it was! Everyone saw clearly how Omega gym boxer, “Jhack Tepora” gained victory during his fight with Indon foe Galih Susanto, keeping his spotless slate bright with another glorious triumph.

Confident as Omega Pro Sports International (OPSI) was, they were still stunned and overjoyed by Jhack’s win. It was a short fight though, but definitely filled with action since Susanto was one tough opponent. If it weren’t for Jhack’s continual practice and training, it would have been more difficult. However, challenged by Susanto’s word of a promised knockout during the weigh-in, he stopped at nothing in order to throw him down.

And so true to his determination, he ended the match with a TKO in the fifth round, and with this, things fell in place. As the VP of OPSI said, “we will prepare him for the bigger stage”, and now Jhack believes he is ready to take on bigger foes, saying that he is ready to submit to more challenging trainings in order to fight with established international boxers.

Recalling his statement during the weigh-in, it seemed prophetic. He said, “dili lang ko musaad kay basin mabali n’ya.” Somehow, we can say that this Filipino tradition preserved him. But we do know that it’s not all about this, and it definitely isn’t just about Jhack too.

So much for his formidable performance, you could expect nothing less from his trainers, since for a student to actually go as far as he had, the teacher must be really something. This was all as the saying says, “the greatest achievement a teacher can ever have is for his student to surpass himself” and such was the case for Jhack.

After the fight, he posed with his trainers who molded, coached, and supported him from the very start. And little to everyone’s knowledge, they are actually his biological brothers. Well, yes! It was a trio-endeavor and you can see just how close their ties are in the way they team up. So all along, there wasn’t just a single force, but three!

By belting the WBO Oriental Super Bantamweight title, Jhack gave the honor back to the people who made him the way he is now. But according to them, the game is not over yet.