December 9, 2016, 3:00 p.m., at the beautiful chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu South Road Properties (SRP), IPI’s very own Paul Jake Castillo, former PBB housemate, married the love of his life --- Katherine Grace “Kaye” Abad, star of the late 1990s to early 2000 Pinoy TV drama Tabing Ilog.

The weather was wonderful. The sun gave its usual sparkling light, and everything about the most grandiose moment fell perfectly in place. Such was the beauty of the day, brightly livened by the smile in everyone’s faces as they waited for the hour.

Looking around, you can make out a Victorian-inspired wedding. Everything about the church, the guests, and the bride were lavish, but strikingly modest, making Cebu’s newest and most popular chapel a sight to behold. It was adorned even more beautifully with a delicate arrangement of exotic white flowers intricately lined up on the altar and by the aisle. After the wedding rite, followed a fancy reception at Radisson Blu hotel. 

(Paul Jake arrives at San Pedro Calungsod chapel in SRP)

(Friends and wedding guests cheering the groom upon his arrival)

(A shot of Kaye inside the bridal car upon arriving at San Pedro Calungsod chapel)

(Kaye prepares to go in)

(Kaye holding Paul Jake's bridal bouquet present while chapel doors crack open for her entrance)

(Chapel doors opening to reveal the woman who owns the day)

(The groom waiting for his bride at the altar)

(Kaye greets the people with one of her happiest smiles as she makes her entrance to the chapel)

(Close friends and wedding guests get emotional at the sight of Kaye's blissful face)

(Kaye walking down the aisle like a fairy tale bride)

(Kaye's gorgeous Francis Libiran wedding gown in full view)

(Emotions surging from Kaye's father and groom)

(Paul Jake and Kaye caught laughing at the humor of Fr. Brigoli during the homily)

(The newlyweds happily signing the marriage contract)

(The newlyweds pose with their parents)

(The newlyweds dance their first as a couple)

(The newlyweds listening to speeches delivered by their loved ones)

(Long live the newlyweds! Congratulations Paul Jake and Kaye! )

It was a splendid celebration of love for Paul Jake and Kaye. And the fact that they are best friends-turned into lovers, everyone seem to have witnessed the happy ending of an epic love story. This intensified when the two performed their signature hand sign before they finally sealed their promise with the wedding kiss.  

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