After the much-hyped boxing bout last Saturday, March 18, 2017, Omega Pro Sports International (OPSI) gained yet another victorious roar against their contenders.

Omega Gym’s Jack Tepora effortlessly retained his title as WBO Oriental Junior Featherweight Champion with just a first round KO of Yon Armed. While Christian Araneta easily seized the vacant WBO Oriental Junior Flyweight title with also just a first round KO of Demsi Manufoe (11-7, 8 KOs).

It was the first among the “Who’s Next?” Pro Boxing series ever to be held in Waterfront hotel and everyone was excited. Not to mention, the challenge voiced by Tepora’s opponent, Armed, before the fight, was enough to send quivers to OPSI fans and supporters.

However, evaluating the outcome of the main events, the expectations got dud. According to Pio Paulo Castillo, president of OPSI, he was very disappointed with what the Indon foes showed. When questioned about the pick, he said that WBO approved them since the two Indon boxers have clean records.

“We cannot predict what will happen in a fight. So the only thing we can do next time is to make sure of having worthy opponents. I have to admit, the Indons’ caliber is certainly not at par.” said Castillo. He also added that it might be time for them to look for opponents outside of Asia in order to avoid the same kind of disappointment in the future.

When asked again if the event served well for the audience, Castillo answered, “Things were as you saw them. With how the match turned out, I don’t need anyone else to tell me that.” Castillo also said that this being the first time, it was a privilege to learn from their negatives. “I took down everything that went wrong. The next bout will be better. I promise.”  

As with the two OPSI fighters, the enthusiasm fell flat. Recounting their excitement for this series, the two wished for a good bout since they wanted to make a record in the first high place they are going to fight in. Jack Tepora however, tried to shove the negative vibe with a gratitude-for-the-win consolation.

But much for the buzz created by the main events, the undercard fights were good. Castillo remarked that aside from the main fights’ lack of competitiveness, everything went well with the organization. He also expressed his appreciation to everyone who contributed for the success of the series. To view this boxing bout, look out for GMA’s airing.