Team Omega Aces the Female Division in Tabuelan 111

Carrying the Omega Pro triathlete spirit in her throughout the race, Lorhiz Echavez emerged victorious in the Tabuelan 111 female division held at Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu last June 8.

 Despite a slight delay with the head start plus the unbearable heat and an unforgiving bike course, Lorhiz Echavez of the Omega Pro Triathlon team managed to pull off being first in the female division leaving Cianyl Jamae Gonzales of Team Parklane at the second place in the competition. 

Echavez, together with the rest of the Omega Pro Triathlon team, headed by Cebuano celebrity and Omega Pro Pain Killer endorser Paul Jake Castillo (PJ), were among the 500 participants in the Tabuelan 111 triathlon. The race’s name refers to the sum of the entire number of kilometers in all three disciplines: 2 km swim, 88 km bike, and 21 km run.

In an interview with XPS Television (Sky Cable), PJ talked about the importance of teamwork with Team Omega’s humble beginnings and the inevitability of injuries and muscle pains. Paul Jake mentioned the use of Omega Pain Killer Pro to evade muscle pains and for fast recovery and better endurance.

Not only does he find Omega Pain Killer Pro effective but even his teammates and friends who are professional triathletes agree.  

“I have friends who are international professional triathletes who use Omega Pain Killer, and they find it really effective against muscle pains,” PJ quipped.

The team is looking forward to joining more local and international races, such as the prestigious Cobra Iron Man to be held in Cebu in August.