EFFICASCENT OIL - IPI's (International Pharmaceutical Incorporated) float this year mirrors the beauty, serenity and vibrancy of Mother Nature with Sñr. Sto. Niño at its heart.

IPI’s vision to be the leader in the pharmaceutical industry is not only limited to making consistent and positive contribution in the enhancement of the quality of human life but also promoting environmental awareness and protection towards the people as well as carrying out the virtues and teachings of the child Jesus.

Apparently, Sñr. Sto. Niño is placed at the summit of the float of IPI to convey the message of putting God above all. He is crowded with flowers and shrubs to reflect how beautiful life can be living by His grace. The guards alongside tell us that each one of us should be the leading agents to protect, nurture and develop our Mother Nature. In this float, the oneness of life, of men, and its environment is reflected with the divine child Jesus.

As devotees of Snr. Sto. Niño, it is our rightful duty and responsibility to take care of our environment. In this way, we can pay our debts of gratitude for the continued blessings Sñr. Sto. Niño has showered to us especially during the onslaughts of storms and earthquakes last year.

Let’s go hand in hand in saving Mother Nature.

Let’s carry out our lives based on will of the child Jesus.

Pit Señor!

Viva Senyor Sto. Niño!

Viva Senyor Sto. Niño!

Viva Senyor Sto. Niño!