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What’s Good about Boxing

Watching a boxing sport participated by the world’s leading boxers gives some people a not-so- good feeling. That makes you want to ask why when boxing is one of the most loved sport in the world, enough to make everyone glued in their houses when there is an international match, especially one involving our very own “Manny Pacquiao.”
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How to Relax with Anxiety

Feeling worried, afraid, or anxious is normal. You feel these kinds of emotions when you are in situations that give you pressure like speaking in public, making a decision, waiting for results, taking tests, performing on stage, etc. Usually, they last for ten minutes or when the stressor is removed. After that, you calm down and do the things you do normally again.
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Ways to Calm Down when Stressed

We all come to a point when we feel overpowered by a strong negativity in mind, body, and spirit. When
this happens, everything looks sour and things look unbearable, unmanageable, and tasteless, that you
almost feel like you couldn’t have felt worse.
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Motion Sickness Avoidance of Triggers

I was a victim of travel sickness ever since I was young since I have been very much confined to a home-school- work-church- neighborhood kind of lifestyle.Well, I do not ever want to travel far away from home although I have been hoping to see the world one day, and this is all because I really hate the feeling of motion sickness.
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