IPI Foundation (Programs)

Programs (HEAL)

1. Health Program (to heal pain and illness)

     - to improve underserved communities’ quality of life through better hygiene, relief from pains, prevention of ailments, and awareness of best healthcare practices for    

          a. Operation Happy Teeth Project 
          b. Maternal and Child Health Care Project
          c. Healthcare Support
          d. Operation Skin Care

2. Environmental Program (to heal nature)

     - to prevent nature’s further deterioration through reducing wastes, re-using by-products, recycling and supporting sustainable environment protection, and mitigation practices          especially for climate change.

          a. Community-based Bamboo Reforestation Project
          b. Sustatinable Organic Gardening Project

3. Aid Program (to heal hopelessness)

     - to provide aid for education, skills development, calamity relief, and other special projects in order to give beneficiaries a brighter hope for their future.

          a. Bright Future Scholarship Project
          b. Share a Wheelchair Project
          c. Operation Save Lives
          d. Share a School Building Project
          e. Share a Book Project

4. Livelihood Program (to heal poverty)

     - this is the ultimate goal of the foundation, to develop and graduate all programs to a more sustainable model which generates income for the recipient communities.

          a. Trash to Crafts
          b. Fish Processing Project
          c. Community-based Bamboo Reforestation Project
          d. Great Hands Project