Aciete De Manzanilla

Vitamin E

 Available in:
Capsule - 30’s, 50’s (bottle), 50's foil pack

Product description
Lecit-E is a powerful combination of Vitamin E and Lecithin which moisturizes skin and reduces wrinkles. It provides a lot of benefits for the body in that it revitalizes cells, sharpens the brain, improves circulation, soothes the nerves, keeps muscles healthy and strengthens the heart. With Lecit-E, you have all the benefits you need in a single capsule so you won't stress over many things.

- a powerful combination of vitamin E and Lecithin
- moisturizes skin and reduces wrinkles
- revitalizes cells
- sharpens the brain
- improves circulation
- soothes the nerves,
- keeps muscles healthy
- strengthens the heart
- gives skin a youthful glow