Bioderm Soap

Bath Soap



  • Available in:
  • 25 g, 90 g and 135 g

Product description

Bioderm family germicidal soap is an ideal germ protection for the whole family since it is proven effective in fighting germs and protecting it against body odor. During the whole time you are away from home, you are exposed to microorganisms in your environment which contribute to harmful and unwanted results. So secure yourself and your whole family with the twenty-four hour protection offered by Bioderm. It has a fresh, pleasant scent ideal for the entire family. Clinically proven and tested. Comes in five variants: Pink, Green, White, Yellow, and Beige.


  • - kills 99.9% of germs
  • - protects against disease and body odor
  • - has a fresh, pleasant scent
  • - comes in five variants
  • - has a 24-hour protection