Winner Dishwashing Cream

  • Dishwashing
  1. Available in:
  2. 200 g, 400 g and 750 g packs


Product description

Winner Dishwashing Cream is a dishwashing paste which specializes in removing stubborn stains, thick grease and odor from pots, pans, plates, and kitchen utensils. But then although it is tough on dirty dishes, it is gentle on hands because it contains glycerin, an important component of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor. So even if you have to wash the dishes all day, you can keep your hands soft and smooth. Can also be used to clean lavatories since it wipes off dirt fast. Comes in lemon, orange, and kalamansi fragrances.


  • - removes stubborn stains, thick grease, and odor from kitchen utensils
  • - tough on dirty dishes but gentle on hands
  • - contains glycerin which is a natural skin moisturizing agent
  • - can be used to clean lavatories
  • - wipes off dirt fast