Whitfields Ointment

Available in: 15 g and 30 g

Product description

Whitfield's Ointment, also called IPI ointment is used to treat superficial skin infections like ringworm and several others. It is especially effective during the chronic hyperkeratolytic stages of the skin disease. This ointment is an ideal cure for any skin disorder characterized by itchiness and thickening of the skin. Benzoic acid helps prevent infection while salicylic acid helps shred dead skin cells. The combination of these two components treats irritation and inflammation caused by insect bites, burns, fungal infections, eczema, etc. 


- used to treat superficial skin infections
- used to cure ringworms, warts, eczema, burns,  etc.
- can prevent outbreak of serious skin diseases
- can alleviate itchiness causes by fungal infections
- can be used to remedy skin thickening and calluses